Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom

Bright, fresh and springlike. Near us, one of the roads has cherry trees down both sides of the road, they look magnificent at the moment...sad that in a week or so the blossom will be gone.

Thanks Lewis, yup gotta enjoy and catch them while you can!

Really gorgeous love it.

Beautiful scene, beautifully painted, Tessa.

Thanks a lot Carole and Seth.

Everything is nice about your painting but the focus of the tree really makes it. Lovely painting.

Indeed you've got to catch every opportunity. Cherry blossom...oh how gorgeous, beautiful painting, Tessa

Thank you Willie and Thalia. I should admit there was a lady who set up her easel in front of me on the left, so I painted her in, but she didn’t really fit, so had to be surgically removed from the painting! Ah the power of the artist....

This is gorgeous Tessa, the blossoms don't last long enough!

You’re right Margaret! Thank you.


Posted on Sat 12 May 18:35:00

Gorgeous painting, Tessa.

Many thanks Ibolya and Cesare- much appreciated. X

This is wonderful Tessa, great use of colour and and brush work.

Hang on Studio Wall

Painted en plein air at this weeks class-persuaded tutor and rest of the gang to escape the usual hall while we had the opportunity!

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