RELAX UNDER A MANGO TREE after a job well done


All suggestions welcome to improve.🙏

Expression s in small faces..any tips? Here I wanted to depict a couple who is resting in the midst of house painting..and they are very much in Love. And satisfied with the work done so far .also they are resting under the cool shade of a mango tree..

I like it Swapna, it's original and the title is also great!

Thanks Heather.. very much 🙂

I like this a lot Swapna, original and colourful and you have conveyed the close connection the couple have with each other.

Thanks Diane..🙂

I love the hand on his shoulder, the two are very expressive Swapna.

These pictures are magical, Swapna.

Thanks Shirley and Carole..yes .that is precisely what I wanted to express through the painting..the support and love of the partners for each was difficult as I am a novice but will definitely want to improve

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Acrylic on Canvas

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