Me and my little sister on the beach. A long, long time ago!

Me and my little sister on the beach. A long, long time ago!

Lovely work Susan and would,nt it be nice to have this weather now!.... The inter-action is good!.......

How lovely, looks like a great memory, and a good idea to take this from an old photo!

Thank you Michael and I agree beach weather seems as far away as ever at the moment! Thank you too Tessa, I only saw this photo for the first time earlier this month and really couldn't resist painting it, especially as I had to guess what the colours may have been. A challenge but very rewarding.

You don't need detail Susan,. Your painting expresses itself beautifully. The child struggling to get lose is portrayed so accurately.

Thank you for your kind comments Carole, that's very encouraging.

Thank you Margaret.

You certainly rose to the challenge really admirably, Susan! This is super!

Thank you Thalia for your kind comments.

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I found a small, old, grainy black and white photo of us at the beach in Italy. I couldn't resist having a go at copying it despite difficulty in making out facial detail!

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