My garden

My garden

Very colourful, lovely garden. I initially thought this was an embroidery.

Thanks Carole, I love my garden at this time of year. I like the idea of creating it in embroidery, I might try that.

Hi Susan, thanks so much for your lovely comment on my pastel drawing 'going home' of the shire horse, really pleased you think I have made a good job of him, horses can be very difficult to draw and I am really chuffed that this one has come out right! He does look tired doesn't he, but at the same time his ears are forward and he looks eager to get back to that lovely green field he has in his minds eye, or that's how I like to think of it anyway! Shire horses are gorgeous and the original photo of this one was just irresistible and I had to give it a go

PS I do like this acrylic of your garden, lovely colours, and at this time of year they are all springing into life aren't they and we all start to think about things things to do in them again

Such good use of acrylics . Looking through your gallery, I personally prefer your acrylic paintings although your latest watercolour is charming. Your comment on painting more when retired made me smile. Art is such an absorbing pastime .

Thanks Ros and Sian for your comments. Between gardening and painting my days are full, I don't miss work at all!

Lovely vibrant balance of complementary colours, a nice composition all round.

Hi Susan thanks for your gorgeous comment on my pastel ridgey puppy really pleased you like him so much, he was a joy to do with his big paws and sweet innocent face

Hang on Studio Wall

Elements of my garden in acrylic paints,(omitting the weeds). I wish I had waited for a few more days before painting it, the sun came out as I finished it.

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