Tree down

Tree down

looks fine to me.........lovely figures walking down a country road with lots of lovely tree :-)

I think one issue is that you can't tell where the light's coming from - of course, it might have been from directly above, but that's distinctly unhelpful in painting, when you can exploit the shapes and forms shadows can give. Watercolour is a bit of a swine to alter, but I suggest you indicate the light source, by the obvious means, lightening the foliage on one side, darkening on the other, and showing the shadows on the road, shadows from the figures etc. The tree that's down isn't obvious - the one behind the figures, I imagine? It could do with some emphasis - eg stronger tones beneath the trunk, greater contrast with the background. And finally, I think you could do with a bit of tree structure on the left of the painting: ie, the trunks of trees, up from the ground. Your light could come from either left or right in this - I'd probably be tempted by the left, being right handed (if that makes sense); but it could just as easily come the other way.

Thanks Rebecca. Thank you Robert, I will reevaluate my lighting etc in view of your comments. It was a dull day with no real shadows or highlights. So I need to use artistic licence :)

Posted by Sue Mann on Wed 22 Aug 20:24:25
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I've lost my way with this one! Can anybody give me some advice please?

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