above Brancaster, Norfolk (after James Fletcher Watson)

above Brancaster, Norfolk (after James Fletcher Watson)

You have made a great job Stephen JFW made them look easy

It's a very good attempt and I really like that sky.

MNy thanks Dennis and Kal.

You make it look simple anyway Stephen

Thanks once again Michael.

You did well, Stephen, your washes are lovely.

Many thanks once again Seok.

In fact, it bears quite a resemblance to a very much older style of watercolour painting - all the way back to Constable, with those earth colours: and it's not easy at all. What might - I only say might - have made it a little easier could have been avoiding Ultramarine in the sky, and substituting Cobalt Blue (which F-W would probably have used, and Constable certainly would); it's much softer, and it might have been marginally easier to harmonize the other colours with it. I like the way you've dealt with the shadows - I get a bit fed up of seeing purples always employed, almost neat, and either too strong or too weak for the weather conditions and amount of light: yours work well and are in keeping with the overall tone and colour key.

Many thanks Robert for your thoughtful comments, must try using Cobalt Blue.

Stephen I bet if I attempted to copy one of yours I would find it a difficult exercise. You have the advantage of using simple washes to great effect which makes your paintings stand out.

This has lovely sunlight falling across the path and the trees also have a very nice light on them. Ah - having a go at a famous artist's work makes you realise that they make it look easy but it is usually not so simple (I know because I have tried!). Still, useful experience and it has produced a very lovely painting at the end of it.

many thanks Fiona and Thea for your encouraging thoughts.

Hang on Studio Wall

Devoid of ideas at the art group earlier, I decided to copy a painting from an old JFW a book. It looked to be fairly simple but proved to be anything but!

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