'Too darn hot'!

'Too darn hot'!

I think we can all feel your pain here..... the only paint suitable for this weather is oil paint, the traditional stuff probably rather than water soluble, because it won't dry and die on you. It's a pity, because you had a good composition here and at one point it probably looked as if it was going well - but I can tell where it started going wrong.... happens to all of us; maybe a water-mister would have helped, but only if you like to paint wet in wet (and even then, an absorbent paper, plus this heat, would have defied your best intentions. Still, live and learn, eh?

Oh dear Stephen, never mind as Robert said its just one of those that rather got away, every now and then it happens !

Hang on Studio Wall

As it was 'another day in paradise' on Thursday, I thought I'd have a pleasant painting trip to Daisy Nook. As soon as I started I knew it was a mistake! It must have been about 85 in old money. As soon as I put the wash on it dried, hard lines everywhere. I just needed a passer by to say ''that must be so relaxing', fortunately not, as I would be behind bars now! I managed to rescue it a little at home in the shade but I will put this one down to experience!

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I am a self taught amateur painter, I mostly paint landscapes in watercolour but I 'dabble' in other mediums from time to time. I really enjoy my art, especially painting outdoors when the weather allows.

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