Last of the sun, Norfolk Broards (rev1).

Last of the sun, Norfolk Broards (rev1).

beautiful with Autumnal light

Hehe that was bordering on a flying saucer Stephen, but you rescued the situation beautifully, the colours and reflections in the water are super

Many thanks Lin and Ros for your kind remarks.

Great wistful quality to this one Stephen - if you know what I mean.

Thanks Michael, I think it's the warm sky colours that gives it that wistful quality.

This has a very old master's feel to it with it's wonderful rich golds. I actually think it might have worked better without the boy and dog as it would have come over as very Turner like. Personal choice though, of course, and others might disagree.

Many thanks Thea, I think you are right about the figures.

Rather like the figures myself, but then I tend to put something in the foreground in my own work.

Hang on Studio Wall

I managed to chase away the alien craft and bring in somthing more like a cloud, also added a boy and his dog and some more details.

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I am a self taught amateur painter, I mostly paint landscapes in watercolour but I 'dabble' in other mediums from time to time. I really enjoy my art, especially painting outdoors when the weather allows.

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