Portrait of Robert Lenkeiwicz


Fabulous face and sounds like a v interesting man

Not sure if it’s the same artist Linda, a different spelling to the artist I have long admired, Robert Lenkiewicz? It looks like him. Unconventional would be an understatement to describe his subject matter and his way of life, but what a genius! It’s a super likeness Linda and I think you have captured his mystique.

Thank you Fiona. Yes it is the same man. This was done shortly before he died in 2002. I wonder if I can just change the title.

A good likeness Linda. A remarkable artist. Most people have wierd (and wrong) ideas about how artists live...Robert's life would appear to confirm that fantasy notion. I'm not explaining that well, his life was how people 'imagine' an artist's life...but seldom is. He had a patron, never sold his work (by choice), and produced astonishing work.

He really looks like an artist. . I like the range of greys you’ve used

Excellent Linda.

I like this Linda, he was an incredible artist.

This is excellent Linda. I’m familiar with his work only because I have relatives in Plymouth where there is a huge mural of his in the Barbican. He was a very colourful character and much admired by Plymothians.

Fine portrait Linda.

Interesting to see how well known he was across the country. The mural is now in a sorry state. I knew him back in the late 60’s and even posed for him. I did not meet him again until this occasion, when he pledged to learn calculus! Part of a campaign to learn something knew in 2002.

I saw a small exhibition of Robert’s about ten years ago here in Scotland and was totally bowled over by it. Since then I’ve read all I kind find of him, and what strikes me most, is the truth and honesty of himself, and his art. I like the fact that he went his own way and wasn’t bullied in to fitting in to a box. I would have loved to have met him Linda. I very nearly mentioned him to Paul, (Dixie) to feature on the forum thread but thought many wouldn’t appreciate some of his subjects. 😂 I’m so glad you posted this, I am familiarising myself with his work once again.

Came back for another look. A very interesting man and artist. I always think of him as a proper artist, with the skills and lifestyle to go with it. Great that you knew him Linda, I'd have liked to have met him too. Odd that Fiona was thinking of him for Dixie's thread. So was I. It would make a change from all the 'safe' art.

Just to let you know that copyright for all his work is owned by the Lenkeiwicz foundation run by his son Aaron Ruben. I will ask if he minds us putting him on our forum.

I have asked Reuben if he minds us discussing him on the forum.

You have captured his soul.

Hang on Studio Wall

Robert was a local artist in Plymouth, renowned for oil portraits. He seemed to specialise in self portraits, but also got to paint other local dignitaries such as Michael Foot. This one is in coloured pencil A3.

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