The Remains of the Chocolate Pudding

The Remains of the Chocolate Pudding

Clever Linda. Nice one.

Now thats what I would call using ones imagination, Now frame it. Like it Linda.

In some countries that would be Jesus and declared a miracle, good spot

Love the medium used here Linda! lol

You can't help making art Linda a beauty

You clever girl, brilliant!

Very imaginative, Linda!

Thanks for your kind comments folks. I'm glad you enjoyed it, but I don't think you will have enjoyed it as much as I did making it.

Sorry Linda, I wouldn't have been able to leave this amount of chocolate on the plate!! Great idea, I'm sure I know him. Just goes to show the inventiveness of us creative people.

That chocolate looks good.

I have to admit, that after the photo, I tried even harder to get that chocolate off the plate. If I had been at home, I might have licked the plate, but in polite company, I had to restrain my self.

Truly amazing, creative....there's even a glint in the eye!

That's pretty good Linda

Thank you Chandra and Dermot.

now this is art......if you can win prizes for bricks ....why not licks?? great

Excellent portrait. A selfie perhaps? i hope you licked the plate afterwards.

Thank you all for your comments - I did not expect so many. It just goes to show that what appeals is anything different, but I prefer chocolate to hair extensions!

Beautiful, Linda, next one with the cream!

I think the next one will be with gelato, Cesare.

Hang on Studio Wall

After scrapping the palte to try and get all the chocolate into my digestive system, I realised that with minor adjustments, I had a picture! I thought you would like a laugh.

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