Yellowstone Thermal Pool

Yellowstone Thermal Pool

A very big view and colourful to Linda.

This is one of the more remote thermal pools in Yellowstone NP. Everyone seems to portray the Rainbow pool, but when I was there it was more steam than colour. I suspect it is hard for people you have not seen it to relate to, as we have nothing like it here in the UK. The sulphur and iron oxide, steam, mountains, forested chalky slopes and calcium deposits. All an out of world experience.

Very interesting painting, great textures you have portrayed it all so well Linda.

Thank you Carole and John for your kind comments.

Hang on Studio Wall

30cm x 30cm. Oil over acrylic and texture paste on a recycled canvas from a Charity Shop. Returned to my series of American landscapes and those wide open places.

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Since retiring from a career in education and training management, I returned to art after a gap of 40 years. Now I travel was much as I can with my husband and take an enormous amount of photographs, some of which I use as reference photos. Meanwhile, I take a weekly course in portraiture and…

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