Vertigo at Canyonlands National Park

Vertigo at Canyonlands National Park

That looks like a tough composition to capture but you've caught it very well Linda. The car really gives it scale.

An impressive painting of a breathtaking view. I would have approached the precipice on my belly :-)

I wouldn't have approached the precipice at all: I would be cowering as far away from it as I could get. I haven't seen this landscape, but you've got a quite remarkable painting here, full of interest; there is a real sense of depth and distance, to the extent that it's got my knees knocking .... it's very good.

Wow! I'm getting vertigo just looking at this :) There is nothing wrong with it , therefore \i cannot critisise this. I would leave it as it is. A very nice painting :)

Very interesting painting - great perspective and a very unusual and striking subject.

Truly a fantastic piece of work! Great composition and technique!

Many thanks for all of your positive comments. It sounds as though I have finished it now, so I guess I will sign and varnish it.

this is just amazing, I almost jumped out of my seat to step away from the edge. you have genuinely captured that feeling of vertigo.

Thanks Mel - object achieved then. This painting has won the high jump in the on line heptARThlon!

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Last year I visited a few national Parks in the USA.' Canylonlands offered some of the most dramatic views. I constructed this composition from 3 photos as my camera doesn't have a wide angle lens. I had to get my husband to hold on to me while I took the pictures as it gave me vertigo taking them. I've been struggling with the painting for the last week and would be grateful for any constructive comments.

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