Wyndham Sexon


I am an Artist & Illustrator and I have studied A-level Art, BTEC Art & Design & BA-Hons in Graphic Art & illustration. I have been drawing & painting all my life and use traditional methods to my work. I have used various tools & Mediums but I find best results from using Acrylics. I also make 3D sculptures out of recycled materials as well as using sculpting materials such as Polymer Clay etc. I've had many Exhibitions in my home Town of Northampton as well as in London. I've also had many Commissions over the years, these included Murals in Restaurants & Schools. I've recently designed Beer Labels for a Brewery & Restaurant collaboration. I work full-time for a Charity and create Art in my 'Spare-time', I would eventually love to paint Full-time. So that I can focus all my time & attention on my Art.