Dungeness Beach

Dungeness Beach

I think this is lovely Linda. The boat is so well painted and the whole scene portrays an abandoned feeling. Very atmospheric.

It really is a very strange but enchanting place, beautifully captured.

This brings back such memories, my late husband worked on Dungerness Power Station B and we would walk along the beach there when I visited him. Love the boat.

The end of the line ......... I like this very much.

Super painting Linda.

A beautiful painting and very atmospheric, I like it a lot.

Dungeness I must go there sometime you are very fortunate to live in this area and by the way you have a great talent although this one is a close up of a boat it still emphasise whats beyond good depth nice balanced tones

Thanks for yur kind comments on my paintaings. To answer your question om Interactive Acrylics I say yes they are an advantage. It is so much easier to blend and the range of colours is excellent. For skies and seas I will mix on the canvas rather than on the pallet. Only use atelier varnish though, other brands may react! I love this painting from Dungeness and agree with you about then end of the world, especially in wet and windy Marh when I was there.

Many thanks everyone for all your comments, they are greatly appreciated.

Hello Linda many thanks for your comments on my life drawings. It is nice to get feedback and you are right not many people do comment on life drawings/paintings. It is all I do these days. I go to 2 life classes a week and the 3 hours per class just flies by. You really have to concentrate to get a satisfactory result. I tend to do more monotone drawings/paintings as I find colour difficult. Your paintings are ever so colourful so maybe I should persevere! Thanks again.

Hang on Studio Wall

Acrylic on stretched canvas 20x 16. Hopefully this portrays the desolation of the scene. A very strange place to visit. It looks as though civilisation has ended and all that is left is human detritus.

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