sea painting

sea painting

This is lovely, and only your first oil painting! Love the waves and ripples coming to shore.

Great picture, I love the way you draw the eye to the large wave and then to the shore, the colour and texture is wonderful great picture

Seems simple but so effective. Relies on just the right colours which you have found. Fab

Don't you just hate it when someone says "my first oil painting", and it's better than your own.... Seriously, a very effective bit of painting, and if this is your first I look forward to your further work.

thank you for taking the time to have a look at this oil painting special to me as the mintue i started using the oils i just clicked with it straight away .

Wow! Keep going then. This is fabulous in it's simplicity and I thought you had been painting for years. I agree with is sickening! Every time I try to do sea in oils it gets all tied up in complication and comes out looking nothing like, so well done indeed for this lovely little painting!!

working on a sea painting at moment in oils of bude in cornwall will put on gallery when finished really helps getting comments from you all thank you

Hang on Studio Wall

Study of the sea, This was my very first oil painting

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