Could see who this was straight away Skylar, great six-pack!

Brilliant painting, Skyler. My wife likes it very much too.

I don't particularly like Colin Farrell, but you have done him proud. I'm now warming to him. However I cannot forgive him for his awful portrayal of Alexander the Great - totally unconvincing. But good in 'Phone Box" or whatever it was called.

"In Bruges" is a good one. You've gone to town on his pecs Skylar.

Carole - Thanks so much! Over the years, I have posted a handful of images referencing Mr. Farrell. The reason is that he bears a surprising likeness to my father.

Seth - Thanks for the comment. I am also happy your wife approves :-)

Linda - Thank you! I totally agree with "Alexander - thought the whole thing was off. "In Bruges" is a fave of mine.

Marjorie - Thank you! I'm pretty sure I flattered him anatomically.

Carolyn - Thanks so much! i have painted this face many times, that probably helps.

In Bruges is brilliant. I think I meant "Phone Booth". But why not paint your father instead?

Linda - It would be hard to paint my dad - I was estranged from him after I left home at 17 - 56 yrs ago; and he passed away in 1971. I have painted the memory of him, but...

Yes, Jennifer?! Is that a "Like"?

Hang on Studio Wall

Farrell. Artrage Oils. Appx 9x12".

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