Pop's Old Farm

Pop's Old Farm

Love paintings when you're looking out from the interior and this one has bags of narrative. Love the light on the window Skylar.

Interesting painting of the old country landscape. is this done in watercolour ?

This simply oozes with character, love and great narrative...as usual, Skylar...I absolutely love your work!

Love it Skylar, a great concept indeed and the light coming through the window brings it together

Carole - Thank you! I,too, like the feel of looking out onto a scene.

Tao - Thanks so much for the question - It is, as are most of my post, digitally painted. This was done with Krita software.

Margaret - Thank you so much!

Thalia - Thank you! While painting this one, I was in the company of my grandparents. Nostalgia can be a good thing.

David - Thanks so much!

Hang on Studio Wall

This is the second or third time I have painted the old kitchen. And at least 3 times I have painted his old truck. But the first time together. Orig.size appx.17x11.

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Life-long artist. Made most of my living that way. Traveled a lot, painting around the world. Everything from graphic Design to commissioned portraits. Movie & TV graphics, Music Video Bkgs, Murals, - You get the gist. Now retired. Still Travel. Paint every day.

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