Barn Manger

Barn Manger

That is beautiful Skylar! Love the sunlight playing over the hay, which must have taken amazing patience by the way.

Simple subject done very well.

There's nothing you do that I don't like!

Love the light seeping through on this unusual subject Skylar.

Great subject, Skylar, and powerful contrasts and light...

Anth - Thank you so much! The hay does take a while. A lot of scribble and hatch!

Allen - Thank you! It helps to come from a rural childhood.

Heather - Thank you! I am humbled!

Carole - Thank you! This did take more effort than I expected.

Jan - Thanks so very much! That light play was the "Draw".

Terrific painting, Skylar

I must say my roving eye is always drawn to the magnificence of your paintings- You seem to have talent bestowed unto you from the Gods!!

Thank you so much, Maureen!

Lyn - "Thank you" seems woefully inadequate for your comment! I need you around for all those times I doubt myself, and my abilities (Often!) I do think I was born an artist, tho never personally satisfied with my works.

Margaret - Thank you!

Beautiful warm light, Skylar.

Thanks so much, Cesare!

Gorgeous, usual!

Thank you so much, Thalia~

Carole - Thank you so much!

Great painting, really nice light.

Peter - Thanks so much!

Paul - Thank you! I love to paint light and shadow. And unusual settings.

Hang on Studio Wall

Orig.size appx 13x17.

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Life-long artist. Made most of my living that way. Traveled a lot, painting around the world. Everything from graphic Design to commissioned portraits. Movie & TV graphics, Music Video Bkgs, Murals, - You get the gist. Now retired. Still Travel. Paint every day.

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