Little Red Rosette

Little Red Rosette

That's so beautiful, Skylar,

Thank you so much, Thalia!

Fantastic Skylar, what a fabulous colour.

Margaret - Thank you! The actual blossom is more of a true red, but i wanted it a bit warmer, so I shifted the palette a bit.

Beautiful rise Skylar, you are very talented

Lisa - Thank you! I am humbled by your words. But, speaking of words - there are times I (American) don't understand a phrase - What does "Beautiful rise"...mean?

Sorry Skylar, silly predictive text, I meant to say beautiful rose 😃

Lisa - That's funny! Thanks for the clarification - My phone does that to me all the time.

Hang on Studio Wall
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They're blooming like crazy right now. (Sorry for the title) Artrage oils. Appx 14x18"

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