Dappled Magnolia

Dappled Magnolia

Love the light hitting the petals, very nice Skylar.

Thank you, Jennifer.

Can you reset to painting some more stunning women. "Roses are red,violets are blue, us men miss the women is my message to you..." Thanks Skylar.

Peter!!! You crack me up! I'm sure as schizophrenic an artist as I am, the subject will come back around!

This is beautiful, the magnolia stands out so well against the dark background.

Sandra - Thank you so much. I like to put something light in front of a dark bkg (and the opposite,too) for the contrast.

I did offer to send a pic of myself Peter!! Skylar I haven't a clue what you meant in your description but nevertheless this is fantastic. It's amazing how many colours you have managed to reflect in your magnolia.

Adele - A long time ago, I discovered that "White" is seldom ever really white. So, now I treat shadow as a place to add subtle variations.

Really wonderful piece of art - fantastic.

Thanks so much, Charles!

I feel I can almost touch this flower, so beautiful Skylar. Lovely light on the petals.

Carole - Thank you. I love to paint "Dappled" objects.

I am a fan of florals and this is really good.. love the shadow color and the highlights in equal measure!

Beautiful work Skylar.

Nandhini - Thank you for your input.

Linda, Dennis - Thanks so much!

Margaret - Thank you so much!

Some Reset Skylar ..could it be out of the dark back to the light? Whatever, and I'm no analyst this is a great composition

Leslie - Thanks for commenting. More a mood change than anything else, I think...

Thanks, Terence!

I love the mute yellows and oranges mingling with the soft blues and violets within the petals on this one!

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I use painting a "white" flower as a "reset", when I want to change directions. Appx 9x12" Artrage Oils.

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