Another typical Sian painting; it works well and the colours are good and strong. What has 9 got to do with it.

Being dyscalculic (that is a word, even though my spell checker [which I can't turn off and wish I could] won't believe me), I haven't got a clue what the figures mean - it's a miracle if I can work out my change in a shop. But it doesn't matter, because I really like the painting - whatever inspired it.

Thank you for commenting , Robina. The 9 was a typo. Robert , it makes me feel so good that someone says they like the painting. It is so encouraging. Thank you.

I have had a puzzled time by trying to solve the problem but can't work it out. You cannot be 9,or 90 years old, 9 cm or 9meters or 9 feet tall and but you can be 9 stones or 90 kilos. HELP!! After all that I can say that I like the painting, it's very you with your favorite colours and shapes. I'm so glad too that you have restarted to paint Sian!

Hi Sian, Love the colours in this one,in fact your whole acrylic album is great to look at. Russ

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4.3.12 I have realised that my age is the same number as my height and the same as my weight so I have had fun celebrating that by working the number (Roman numerals) into this. (D&R simply orange, medium yellow, dark green, scarlet)

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