tortured triptych

tortured triptych

1. Benita Burtenshaw 18 Apr 2011 00:04 Your tryptych of worms Is fascinating and very clever,Sian. Are you interested in fractals? I also love 21-1? Its so striking and the contrast between the natural eye and the abstract one is very well done, and although each eye appears so different, they blend well together. No, I have never exhibited any of my paintings, in fact, hardly anyone has seen them. I did not feel they were of a good enough standard, as I'm untrained and I simply paint as I feel and through much trial and error, learn as I go along. I feel I need to paint larger and better paintings before I would feel confident about exhibiting. You have given me more confidence by suggesting it. Thank you.x

Thanks, Benita. Fractals are great but maybe best computer generated. However, I will think about the possibilities. One of my triptych is upside down as I thought it looked better that way. There are at least 24 permutations - but I certainly won't swamp the site with them! PS what size are your paintings?

I don't understand the meaning of the symbols here but what a fabulous strong design you have here.. The three images together look amazing. They work so well together, I can appreciate it as a work of art even though I dont know what a fractal is :} It all sounds very clever and well thought out. I love it, and no, they certainly don't look like worms!

Well, I practically didn't understand a word of your description Sian, but I can tell you that I like it a lot. I can see people, fish and a bird in very beautiful shapes. Well done!

I got the first one as the area of a circle but thought the others were variations which I couldn't quite pin down

Thank you Louise, Satu and Linda. It is great that people can see whatever they want ( and I am still looking for Satu's bird) in a painting based on something concrete. Linda, I hoped they would turn from formulae into something more that are just fun to look at and maybe not be able to (or want to) pin down easily - but, in the bottom one, the equals is white as it is in all three, the 2 for the squared is to the right in white and red, the E and M are full height in red and orange.

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17.4.11 each about 31 x 16 cm. and done as an exercise for my class. Formula One is the area of a circle - hence the circles. Formula Two is a sum to infinity. Formula Three is E=mC squared. All together they now just look like worms (strings?) to me. I am sorry I had to repost after photographing outside to get the colours better but I didn't want to lose Benita's lovely comment so copied it in.

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