S. day 1 homework

S.     day 1 homework

On my screen the paper is blue and I think that is has got something to do with the outside light. Try to put it against darker background and take the photo inside. Might get a whiter result. As for the portrait, perhaps a couple of lowlights or highlights in the hair because the face in itself is quite strongly drawn and the hair seems to disappear . What did the Master think?

Thanks, Satu. I have just taken your advice and the drawing looks much better although I will not repost it in order to 'save the front page'. The tutor pointed out the contrast between fair hair and a white or cream wall and I have tried to implement this in my drawing of P who is a 19 year old blonde.

Either with your camera, or on your computer, you should be able to adjust the colour saturation, tone, and brightness. In this way you might obtain white paper.

Thanks f or the suggestion, Barrie. I find the easiest way is to take the picture with the ipad camera but cannot find in settings or by searching how to adjust the saturation.

Hang on Studio Wall

Why does my white paper always come out this colour? I photographed it outside, not in direct sunlight. Is it because it is cheap (the works) paper? Three more to come from the course but will post another day.

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