Walk down the street


I love it! I wish I could losen up and create work like this.

Oh Brian, thank you. It is a balancing act, isn’t it? Shall I leave it, or shall I see if I can extract something more??

No. Leave it as is!

It has that edgy 'urban grit' feel. If you tamper with it you could lose it.

Dear Brien, It is finished now. What I'm talking about is how to loosen up. See previous from yesterday. Could have left it there.

Much appreciate this chat!

It looks like a lovely street

Think this is fabulous and very loose in style.

Another great painting, Shirley. I'd like to learn from both your style and your ability to make an exciting painting from what many of us would find unpromising subjects, such as a power station.

Fabulous Shirley

Very dramatic with your dark shadows, I like it.

Keep doing what your doing, it works beautifully. Lovely painting full of atmosphere and energy.

A lovely street scene Shirley,

Love the tonal range you have used in this Shirley. Very effective.

Thanks for these lovely comments! My methods are like trying to keep a boat afloat on a choppy sea. It all starts in a simple layout, and after that, lots of things happen!

Hang on Studio Wall

Taking this further and trying to understand how to add detail without losing the punch. Any opinions welcome.

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