Walking Alone

Walking Alone

Beautiful elephant against a very interesting background Seok.

Lovely elephant and I like your surrounding countryside, beautiful painting

Excallent stuff Seok, lots of light to dark, dark to light. best Mick

Just lovely Seok, you have caught the form of the elephant very well indeed :)

Love the unusual colours used in the elephant.

What a beautifully observed painting. The area of burnt sienna on the elephants back is lovely as is the dark area describing the face and neck. Lovely water and stones too, which are a super backdrop to your lovely portrait of this wonderful beast.

A very sensitive painting of a lovely animal, well done Seok.

A beautiful animal Seok ! One can feel it's desire to be on it's own. You have painted the water and the stones ever so well. Lovely colours too.

Just beautiful Seok.

Lovely colours in the elephant Seok and I admire the way you've painted the rocks and water. An inspirational watercolour.

I agree with everyone Seok, beautiful painting

Just perfect - I do like the understated background which sets off the subject matter so well.

Just spot on, love it.

It's all been said Seok, a really beautiful painting!

I love the narrative in every one of your beautifully painted watercolours, Seok. This one has real emotional impact.

An eyecatching elephant. Well done Seok.

I agree with all of the above. An excellent watercolour indeed.

lovely painting Seok...sensitivly painted.. Maybe he is being ostrasized by the herd. i am just reading The Elephant Whisperer and there is a lone teenager in that his mum had been shot, then he grew up and fitted back with the herd.

Thanks so very much, everyone! Sylvia, thanks for the insight, that's really interesting. In my limited encounters with elephants, I've found their behaviorial patterns to be quite fascinating.

Thanks very much, Larry!

Gorgeous, you have captured the solitude well.

Thanks very much, Denise!

Such a beautiful lone Elephant painting Seok, such a lovely empathetic capturing of it, and your rendering of the scene around him at this waterhole is just so perfect, with the whole view needing to be painted in such closely linked colours it is a measure of your talent and skill that you were able to use so many different tones to show the textures in the stones, mud and sand that are totally believable and work so well to achieve this superb work

Thanks so much, Ros!

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A lone elephant walking along the Ma Oya, the shallow waters near Pinnewala Elephant Orphanage in Sri Lanka. Although it was a member of the Pinnewala herd, this particular elephant appeared to prefer its own company.

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