Entrance into History

Entrance into History

Nice one Seok , I have a feeling of Deja Vu with this one but I will repeat my question , Is this the doorway to a Coptic Church? I love these old doors so full of character.

Thank you very much, William. And thank you too for your comment on my drawing which I posted a few days back. Yes, it is the same door, so the answer is the same - which is that I think it is not part of a coptic church building, although it is in the vicinity of two nearby churches - the Hanging Church and the Holy Crypt. As I was saying in my reply to you on the drawing, I think I prefer the original pencil version, because I always find a rehash of an original inspired piece is never quite as good.

Agree with William. This doorway is full of charater...and so well painted.

Thank you very much, Ping!

A beautiful doorway, very well done.

Thank you very much, Carole!

I love those architectural paintings very much (and also the rest of your gallery). Your limited use of colours is wonderful.

Thank you very much, Mia!

This is lovely, Seok, I love the fine detail.

Thank you very much, Benita!

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An ancient doorway in the Coptic sector of Cairo, Egypt.

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