"Stick 'Em Up!"

"Stick 'Em Up!"

He looks quite a character Seok. Super use of colours especially in the wall and I love his little heart.

Hi Seok lovely painting I do love his confident stance superb .

Love it for the humour Seok, great collage work.

Interesting depiction and idea Seok, which takes my eye and got to admire.

Made me smile - love it Seok

So lovely Seok and I enjoyed the read

Beautiful work Seok. Lovely colours in that wall.

He made me laugh Seok, he's cute! There are a wonderful mixture of elements in this, love the numbers in the background. On the left where the 2 and the o touch it looks like a key....very clever, he's a clockwork laughing Thrush!lol

Gosh, this is amazing work Seok, just brilliant.

A bird with attitude Seok! Excellent choice of colour and textures and I love his little heart!

He's gorgeous Seok! The background is very cleverly done with multiple shapes and patterns and he is standing in the middle, telling everybody, this is mine.

This is fun, Seok, love his attitude - I also spotted what looked like a key in the background and imagined him as a clockwork bird! Lovely range of greens used.

Thanks so very much, everyone!

Hang on Studio Wall

A White-Crested Laughing Thrush. Acrylic and Collage Mixed Media Work.

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