Falmouth Harbour

Falmouth Harbour

I would welcome comments on any of the pictures in these portfolios. This is only my first full year of regular painting and drawing since I left college and as I am now retired that was some years ago! I realise some of my paintings lack 'atmosphere' and some are overall visually a little dull. I am only just discovering how to get the desired effects and would welcome any tips, advice or critique! Anthony

When I first started I was priviledged (and still am) to know an internationally acclaimed watercolourist. He attended an exhibition of mine and and offered the advice that I should pay greater attention to tone. I put this into practice and have remembered it ever since. What I enjoy more than anything is, when I get towards the end of a painting, popping in some dark accents. If you look at your painting of Aphrodites rock you will see what mean - the rock stands out and looks really solid. This is a well painted picture but if a few accents were added it would come to life. It's difficult to advise from a distance but for example I paint a lot of village scenes and find i get the desired effect by exagerating the shaded sides of the buildings, the undersides of the eaves, the windows and cast shadows (a fairly dark tone darker than appears in the painting above - I use light red and ultramrine quite a bit for this purpose). It is east to overdo it so be careful - just a few marks will suffice - why not give it go - don't get hung about it - just go in with a few brush strokes - hope this helps - good luck on your development and I look forward to future postings.

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Falmouth Yacht Harbour. Painting based on freehand sketch made from photo taken by me. Approx. six hours' work.

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