The Admiral Nelson, Braunston

The Admiral Nelson, Braunston

Hello Anthony, if you turn the painting wrong side up and paint enough clean water on to it (so it becomes fairly damp but not enough to affect the paint on the other side, obviously), let it absorb, put it on a clean sheet of paper on an even surface, and weigh it down with some books and leave it overnight, that should do it. Be careful if you do iron it - if it's a steam iron you can risk getting stained water on to it in a hard water area (this has happened to me - so frustrating).

Caroline, thanks, - that's very helpful and thank you for the kind words on my sketches.

Followed your instructions Caroline and it worked perfectly - so thanks again!

Hang on Studio Wall

Painting on rather thick NOT watercolour paper. Despite wetting and stretching the paper has cockled slightly - possibly due to changes of temperature. Any suggestions for fixing this before framing - ironing maybe? Comments welcome.

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