Well I must say that I struggle with them as well, but this is a good solid and well drawn effort from you Satu. Love the simplicity - almost an abstract.

I like the use of shapes here - the boat looks okay to me,

The shape of the boat is spot on and I love your suggestion of weathered timbers and faded paintwork on the hull. I think it has worked wonderfully well and is one to be proud of.

Looks good to me Satu, lots of character with the weathered hull.

Looks good Satu and I also like the way the background to the boat is formed, four blocks of solid colour.

I love this style Satu, lovely medium used. The boat is a treat.

Works for me too Satu. Not just me that struggles with boats then!

Thank you very much Alan, Michael, Thea, Fiona, Louise, Carole and Stephen for your kind comments. Much appreciated!

Can't think of anything you've done that's not been any good, Satu! This is super - love the combination of the lines and the big patches of color - it creates the necessary contrast. If you don't mind a very small comment - perhaps the height of the wall behind the boat could be brought a little lower to break the level topline? Just my personal point of view. It's a very tiny point and certainly doesn't detract from an excellent piece.

Thank you very much Seok for your comment and advice. I was thinking of making the wall a bit higher exactly for the same reason. It would be easier too because if I try to mix the same blue for the sky it will never work and I have to redo all of it. Thanks again Seok.

Yes I find boats difficult - I get them too fat, too long, too short etc. I've been painting boats this weekend on Yorkshire coast. This has a lovely feel to it - I like the shadow on the sand and the simplicity of your palette - it's looks as if it has seen a lot of sea, but now having a rest!

Thank you very much Pat for your kind comment.

Of course its good Satu all your paintings are Fab .

Well, I like it. Try Seok's suggestion and see what happens.

Thank you very much Dennis and Gudrun. I'll change the wall.

Hang on Studio Wall

I've been fiddling with this for several hours! Boats are so difficult and I still don't know if it's any good.

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