Dreaming of the Glory Days

Dreaming of the Glory Days

Well drawn and painted. Spokes and grass must have been a labour of love. Very sad, must have great in his prime.

You have such patience, beautifully painted.

Quite an unusual painting and really beautifully painted. I like the rusty body, spokes and grass.

Not bad but too much emphasis on the rust patches. The radiator surround is nickel plated brass and wouldn't go rusty, the grille is very light structure over copper and again wouldn't show patches of rust as big as these, the back half of the body would normally be leather over ash so couldn't rust and I suspect a car left in the open to get to this state would have lost the back tonneau cover years ago. Good drawing though.

Thank you for you kind comments. Re rust; Wood can rot leaving red holes and even nickel plate can have impurities in metal causing holes. I've also used artistic licence to create interesting textures - it's more aesthetically pleasing this way.

Blimey John, you really go for it don't you! Cut the poor artist a bit of slack - he's done a great job on this - showed great patience and, as he says, exercised his right to a little artistic interpretation. I really like this painting and, as I know nothing about cars, am quite prepared just to enjoy it without too much analysis. Well done, Ronald.

Great painting

Thanks for your generous comment on the Tornado steam engine painting Ronald. Come on, have a go - do a very rusty steam engine, they're very 'paintogenic', just like rusty cars!

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