Just a Rose Practice

Just a Rose Practice

Lovely practice work Richard, it looks good in just the black and white 😀

That's just lovely Richard - try colouring it in now!

Looks to be a good accurate drawing Richard. Throw some colour at it and see how it goes.

Beautiful drawing of a complicated flower, I think I would trace it and work again using some colour, if you do trace you can adjust the bud just a little--- but with it traced you will have a copy so you can experiment--- but do keep this original drawing as it is for reference. well done Richard

Richard this is a lovely drawing, roses are not easy subjects.

Thank you all for your constructive comments regarding colouring and tracing. Will have a go soon !

Hang on Studio Wall

Another Graphite Stick practice on A4 Sketchbook. A lot more complicated than I thought and it certainly tested my patience !! Think the Rose in bud is a too big, but in terms of the exercise not important. Image from a tutorial / Free download.

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Being retired I can now spend more time enjoying what I like best, which is Walking, Painting and Sketching.

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