20 minute Hare

Hare (Brush Pen)

I like how you've done this. A simple approach with just the right lines in just the right places

Are these Inkbrush pens Richard?

Thank you Heather and Linda. Yes they are Linda, my 1st "go" with these. Ventured into Manchester on Wednesday and got a small 6 pen pack to see they work out for me. It was good to get back to a bit of normality !

Just enough colour to bring the creature to life!

Another excellent sketch using your minimal lines , marks etc. I find them quite fascinating.

Thank you Paul and Frank. I did this as a practice with brush pens.

Love the immediacy of the piece, and its whimsical feel.

Good job for a first go Richard. Lovely shape and form to your hare, I like your descriptive mark making.

Hang on Studio Wall
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Pen and Brush Pen on A4 Sketchpad from a copyright free image. My first attempt with Brush Pen

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