Much better Rebecca, the stamen is just like that with all the pollen, well done!

Agree with Carole, a good improvement. Well done, Rebecca!

oh that is good to know Carole :-) thank you :-) i did think though it should be more deeper yellow?

Most definitely the best yet Rebecca!!

I can see improvements every time - I take my hat off to you (or I would if I had one) for your great enthusiasm and dedication - you really deserve all the comments you receive - well done Rebecca

The best yet Rebecca, Yaaaay !!!!!

Looking great....! well done ..!

This is very good Rebecca, Your enthusiasm and willingness to learn is there for all to see!

im so glad you think so Fiona :-) i still feel it should be deeper yellow though :-) thanks so much for commenting :-)

that's very kind of you Michael :-) thank you, hmmmmmmmmmmm no hat........ now that's another good painting idea, a hat! :-p thanks so much for looking and commenting so nicely :-)

Hi Sarah :-) you really do think so? :-) well that's really nice to know, thank you for such lovely genuine comments :-) sometimes its difficult for me to see improvement in my paintings, so i am pleased you all can see improvement :-)

Hi rosalinda :-) thanks so much for looking and commenting on my painting, i appreciate it :-) thank you for such lovely comments :-)

thats really kind of you christine, thank you :-) yes i do wish to learn :-) i love to paint everything if i can, :-p thanks for commenting :-)

Hang on Studio Wall

Another attempt at a Hibiscus :-) so excited to share it that i had to take a photo of it because it is still wet :-p is it better yet? :-p used acrylic napels yellow for the seed bits at the end of the stamen, tried to draw the stamen first and i think it worked better? thank you Glennis for the tip :-) the red is caran d'ache like the acrylic yellow :-) the black is derwent inktense. i hope it is better now? the photo definitely shows a darker yellow though..............

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