Countryside Fishing :-)

Countryside Fishing :-)

Very colourful Rebecca, lovely washes.

Agree with Glennis. I particularly like the colourful foreground flowers.

I really like your naive style paintings Rebecca, they are full of life and colour!

Hi Christine :-) thank you for your comments and looking at my artwork :-) I'll take the naive style as a compliment i think :-p

Hi Rebecca, it was definitely intended as a compliment, your paintings are simplistic but very appealing, keep them coming! :)

oh that's cool then :-) i cannot do difficult :-p thank you for looking at my artwork :-)

Lovely clear and bright colours - some great sharpe edges (like the top of the mountain) contrasting well with the lost edges of the foreground flowers. Very jolly and cheerful.

Hi Rebecca,I do like this! lovely colours in the forground. A happy picture. Naive style is a recognised style of painting, and your style fits in pefectly with that. Please google it and see what Chistine is talking about. I think you'll like what you see. One of the main things about naive art that I like is the wonderful rich colours - and you can do that!

Well i am honoured Tony :-p Thank you for looking at my artwork and for commenting, i appreciate it :-) i will have a look about naive art :-)

I just looked up Naive art and wow! :-p most of what it said is me :-) Thank you Christine :-) and Tony :-) it said though that art galleries worldwide accept it.............. they all dislike my artwork, and iv contacted them all, it seems without a degree in art they are not interested :-) hey ho, their loss :-p

That's the spirit Rebecca; I agree, it's their loss! I don't think all the people who have commented on your work here, on POL can be wrong, do you? You carry on doing what pleases you, and whilst you are creating paintings like this, you'll be pleasing one or two of us too.

I prefer this to your other painting of fishing - apart from anything else, it's lighter and more colourful. And I like the wet washes, and the way they melt together - is that Phthalo Blue? (Which I can't spell....) I think truly naive art is a little different from this, to be honest; for one thing, most naive artists don't work in watercolour, and for another they're much more obsessive about detail (usually at the cost of the overall image). I like the (relatively) straight horizon line in this one - water doesn't run uphill, but always lies flat (maybe with peaks and troughs when the water is agitated, but still it's basically flat). Two problems, I think - one, the tone of the boat and the three figures in it is exactly the same; a rather more free painting of the boat would have added more life to the painting and suggested a rather more real boat, and the figures are too large in relation to the boat - they'd have capsized it; and two, the birds are painted wet in wet, and are thus rather thick and heavy - I know you like wet in wet! And so do I - but if you're adding birds you need light, fleeting touches: you can't get those wet in wet: you get big, heavy, thick birds as the dark paint blends into the sky. Let it dry, and THEN add them with the rigger.

A nice bright painting Rebecca, I like the flowers in the foreground.

Hi Fiona :-) thank you for commenting :-) i agree POL members cannot all be wrong :-p it's cool if my paintings can please some people :-) thank you.

I am pleased you like at least one of my paintings Robert :-p thanks for looking and commenting :-)

Hi Denise :-) i am pleased you think this painting is brighter, i thought so too :-) and i am happy you like the flowers in the front :-) thank you for looking at my artwork and commenting :-)

Three men in a boat again.....lovely Rebecca. Your paintings cheer up my day.

3 men in a boat again Sylvia :-p sorry :-) its all that is coming from my mind at the moment, and what is odd, is that i hate the sea and boats :-p but i am pleased my paintings cheer up your day

So happy and carefree. I like the flowers in the foreground and the bank of trees in front of the mountains. They Always lift my spirits :)

awww thank you Sarah - that is a really nice comment to give to me :-)

Hang on Studio Wall

This is a roughly A6 watercolour painting, and i used Canson Montval watercolour paper which is 300gsm. I called it countryside fishing because the scene is set in the countryside with fishermen in the distance :-) all comments welcome.

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