A Bird Themed Greeting Card

A Bird Themed Greeting Card

Two paintings for the price of one :) I've noticed that you are using a different medium and I like it alot ( although I liked your other paints too) but this works really well too. Nice idea for cards Rebecca :)

2 lovely designs Rebecca.

You are an amazing young lady Rebecca. ( well I think you are young! Any one is in comparison to me) These are great... You have always posted lively, colourful work, but these are something else., well done you. ( in my most patronising voice ) ....Have you printed these into cards yet??

Nice one Rebecca, keep them coming.

Thanks so much Sarah :-) i have gone back to my Lyra Aqua Crayons that i was using when i joined in June :-p very economical :-p i thought it easier to open the card up this time and scan it as a whole instead of my usual, front and back individual uploads :-) i am very happy and pleased you like it :-) thanks for commenting Sarah :-)

Hi Sylvia :-) i am not amazing at all, but i thank you for your very kind compliment :-) I think age is but a number and if you feel young, then you are young :-) im really happy you like these bird paintings Sylvia :-) it makes my day that you think they are good :-) no i have not printed them off yet, ( i tend to think it is a bit of a waste of printer ink :-p ) but i may eventually do a pack of 5 :-p i like to paint them by hand for some reason :-) i do not find your compliment patronising at all :-) thank you for commenting :-)

thank you Peter, i will keep them coming :-) thank you for commenting :-)

This is really lovely, Rebecca! Your paintings are always such fun they make me smile!

Thanks Seok :-) thank you for such a lovely compliment, i am delighted my paintings can make people smile :-)

Lovely work again Rececca!

Hi Rebecca. I went looking for your blog, but couldn't find it?

Hi Tony :-) i have a new blog now :-) it is the link in my description of the painting, but il paste it again for you :-) http://rebeccalouisesaunders.weebly.com/ the first page you will see is the introduction page, but below the name Rebecca's Paintings, you will see a tab saying, product reviews, tests&rebeccas opinions. Hope this helps? :-)

Found it! Thanks Rebecca, nice website, good job.

:-) glad you found it and like it :-) i may allow people to make comments on it at some point, but for the moment i have disabled that function until i have filled it up a bit. I will be adding projects too soon :-) thank you for commenting :-)

I agree. I don't think allowing comments would be a good idea at this stage.

:-) im in the process of adding a simple step by step project at the moment, for beginners like me, i think i will always be a beginner artist :-p the comments when abled, are just for the blog anyway, so probably wont bother :-) thanks for your advise :-)

Hi Rebecca...Just had a look on your new website ,very nice.:-)

thank you Robbin :-) i am still in the creative stages :-p while painting a step by step project and my normal paintings for here too :-)

Hi Rebecca - these are beautiful and can I be the first to congratulate you on being in the TOP TEN for october ! Brilliant - well done ! xxx

Congratulations Rebecca on your top ten placing!!!

Hi Beverley and Fiona :-) thanks so much for your congratulations, i can't believe my work is in the top ten again, this is twice since i joined in July now, and I think my work sucks :-p thank you for commenting :-) i have not been on here for about a week or so, lost my artistic inspiration all ideas lost at the moment and busy with other things, but hopefully inspiration will strike again soon :-)

Congratulations, Rebecca, on being in the top ten for this month! I am delighted for you, you always post such happy work, and I think that is amazing!! Very well done! x

Hang on Studio Wall

http://rebeccalouisesaunders.weebly.com/index.html This is the front and back of a bird themed greetings card :-) the front is the Blue Banded (female) kingfisher, and the back is the Blue cheeked Bee Eater Birds. I used Lyra Aqua crayons and pebeo chinese ink, plus W/N opaque white artist quality watercolour (in a tube) hope you like it :-)

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