Sketchy Sunflower

Sketchy Sunflower

Very expensive tastes you have Rebecca! Luminance are supposed to be top of the range? I like Faber Castell, still a bit steep in price though:-( Lovely sunny flower;-)

Hi Carole :-) i have expensive tastes yes :-p but it's a sample for me to try, (pleased i did not buy it) it's hard for me to know all the products out there and if i can use them, so some very very very generous companies send me samples to try. Caran D'ache were very difficult to get hold of :-p i am pleased you like the sunflower, i agree with the Pitt range by Faber castell, and i could not get on with their watercolour range of pencil that have grips on them and the sahpe of the pencil barrel is triangular :-) i like Lyra aquacrayons, they last a long time and not bad in price because of that and 100% lightfast. Caran D'ache are meant to be top of the range but not all of their products are for me. The luminance i thought would be very reflective and sort of add a shine to the picture............ i try to test as many products as i can, but i think iv done most of them so far :-p some have been very good, but for example, i like the SAA silver brushes, but the liner writer one, is too thin and difficult for my hands to hold properly. I told them that in my review :-p

Rebecca - thank you so much for your kind comments on my gallery. I seem to have expensive tastes like you do! For coloured pencils I have recently bought a Prismacolor set (see Owl in my Pastel and Pencils gallery) and I think these are excellent for blending and a very wide range of colours too. I like the sunflower, particularly the centre, just the right amount of detail.

You are very welcome Gary :-) i could not see the point of the Luminance pencil......... i thought it would be reflective and good amount of pigment, for me, it is useless :-p i must try the prisma-colour :-) i think i have 2 of them, one is water-soluble i think :-) thanks so much for your comments, il have a look at the owl :-)

I have been away and not had much chance to look at galleries I like this and enjoy the colors which are so vibrant if not luminant (is that a word). I use Derwent Studio all the time because they are hard enough to get a good line when you need it and soft enough to shade with. I do like to read your critiques of different products, Keep up the good work

Hi Keith, lovely to read your comments again :-) hopefully i will be reading more of them from now on? :-) how is your artwork coming along? i am looking forward to see more of your artwork. Thank you for reading the critiques, i am pleased you like them :-) i just finished an art book one yesterday and 2 other arty book critiques will be coming next week hopefully :-)

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I wanted to try out my Caran D'Ache Luminance alizarin crimson pencil, and other pencils, so, i used the Luminance to sketch a sunflower and added markings and shadowy parts with it, i do not know why it is called Luminance, as i cannot see any difference with it than with a normal pencil......, then the green stem and leaves are Derwent Artists watercolour Juniper Green, the centre of the sunflower i used Derwent Graphitint Chestnut and brusho black for the dots, the yellow petals are Derwent Inktense sunflower yellow, the sky is Daler Rowney Artists French Ultramarine, the grass is leaf green Brusho. I created a seperate portfolio just for any pencil or mixed pencil drawings i may create in the future and hope you like them :-) the paper is A4 Clairefontaine 180 gsm drawing paper. :-) i had a disaster by the way when it came to trying to use the splatter technique you all may remember from my Robin painting i was keen to learn, well i tried it with brusho last night and my hands are totally stained :-p (note to self) do not use brusho watercolours when using splatter technique :-p by the way, no splatter technique was used here :-p

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