Dorrick Column

Dorrick Column

I think that this certainly brightens up the pillar. Every morning , when you see it, it must bring a big smile to your face. I like how you try out many things, and Thanks for the advice about storing pastels safely :)

Hi Sarah, thanks for lookig and saying such nice things, i appreciate it :-) It does brighten the place up. storing actual pastels themselves i keep them naughtly i know in a tub.......or a sealed up freezer bag, i have been known to painstainkilling wrap them individually in paper and keep them in a bag but it is a pain. Other than that i do have 3 in their original box seperated by the foam divider they came with. dont know if that is much help to you though :-)

Charming, Rebecca! I imagine it must have been quite a challenge painting a coloumn rather than a flat surface, but you've certainly achieved a lovely result.

Yes a flat surface is much easier :-p It was difficult more for me to get the flowers to look real by using the brush strokes from the centre of the flower out to the edge of the petal to get the correct petal effect if you see what i mean. I am having a painting frenzy lately as i am painting scenes on walls too now :-p if the digital camera does not keep annoying me i will try to photo the walls i do and put them on here, :-) thank you for looking and commenting Jane i appreciate it :-)

This looks lovely Rebecca, bright and cheerful !

Makes a lovely feature Rebecca. You are very adventurous in your painting media!

You certainly are very versatile, lovely and bright

Thanks Carole :-) Yes i use loads of surfaces, and people are lucky they do not get painted if they are around me too long :-p

Hang on Studio Wall

This is the Dorrick column in our house that i painted about a month ago now. The style of roses are a very, very old Traditional French style you can often see on very, very old furniture. I used Pebeo acrylics that are for painting in the house and not artist quality for, say, canvas, though apparently you can use it on paper and things. It is best on walls and plaster. Hope you like it, it was almost impossible to take a photo of it because it is so arrow and you can see everything else other than what i am trying to show. :-)

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