tree sketch2

tree sketch2

Another eyecatching piece, Rebecca!

What a delightful painting! A beautiful spring day!

thanks so much Helen :-) im really pleased you like it :-)

Very unusual Rebecca, a little oriental looking I think.

Your latest sketches are very effective, and i agree with Denise, they are oriental looking. Have you though of mabye getting these mounted or framed??? it would really set them off i think. All in all loving these sketches!

Thanks Hayley :-) i have not thought about mounting them, and in fact iv not mounted any of my artwork......... :-p wouldnt know where to begin. Im space limited too as my cupboards are full of sheets of paper full of paintings :-p im really pleased you like these sketches :-) im enjoying doing them :-) thanks so much for your encouragement :-)

I can tell that you are enjoying this new approach to your painting. The figures are very stylish Rebecca, and I like how you approach your painting with gallons of enthusiasm :) I only wish that I had your oooomph! LOL! :)

yes i am verymuch Sarah :-) i just get inspired when looking at my art materials thats all :-) as for your comment about me having a lot of oooomph! it did make me giggle :-p thank you for your encouragement :-)

A lovely painting Rebecca, the figures the trees are very good. I like your ways of experimenting, you are very innovative.

Hang on Studio Wall

using cardboard sheet we get from our milk cartons, i created another pen sketch using dip pen. this time the cardboard has a base coat of homemade gesso, got recipe from the internet, a little water, pva glue, talcum powder and if you have it, white acrylic paint but the paint is not important if you do not have any, and i didnt, so i left it out, did not think it would work, but once dry, the board is firmer, and a good surface for drawing on, the ink flowed better on this one than on the others. The coloured blossom and flowers are using oil pastels :-) the white blossom on the tree is white acrylic ink :-)

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