a cardboard sketch

a cardboard sketch

Hi Rebecca - those trees are lovely - the trunks are very expressively drawn, and the frothy white blossom looks by convincing. You have handled the use of a dip pen really well.

Hi Julie :-) i appreciate your comments and i am really pleased you like the sketch :-) im pleased you think i have achieved good blossom :-) iv done another version using tipex :-) thank you for your encouragement :-)

The warm colour of the cardboard goes very well with the yellow flowers. I like how you have positioned the figure knee=deep in all the country flowers. :)

Agree with above comments this is very nicely done Rebecca, very good trees and figure walking amongst the flowers

Nice composition Rebecca and I agree with Julie re your use of the dip pen

I like this a lot Rebecca and love that you make use of every day materials to such good effect. Well done!

I see what you mean Rebecca about the card from the milk cartons; it provides avery effective gound and I lov the fluid lines with the pen.

This is interesting, but I wouldn't compromise on materials - I know you have a physical struggle, as some of us do, but use the best materials you can get: they help. You're bound to have problems with fine details, given what you've told us about your physical limitations - so go for the big, bold shapes - don't bother yourself with detail. When you have physical problems, take them into account - you don't have to compete with those who don't have them: you can offer that which they can't, because you have an insight that they won't have. In your place, and I know I'm NOT in your place, I'd go for the big, broad and bold swathes of colour, not worrying about fine detail. I realize that oil paint might be a bad idea for you - because of the allergies it can cause (mind you, if you don't have those problems, give it a go!) - but try acrylic, in which you can keep adding layer after layer, in watercolour style or like oil paint: you have a feeling for colour as I can see, you have problems with detail, which I can also see: see what acrylic can do for you. You asked somewhere else about selling your work, prints and so on ..... well, that's a real problem for so many of us, so if you find an answer: do let us know! You probably just have to dive in and try it, I should think: and advertise your work as best you can. And if it works - well, do tell me how you did it!

Lovely piece Reabecca, Esp like the beige background the cardboard gives, brings out the colours in lovely ways!

Wow, Rebecca! A really eye-catching piece! Love the rendition of the tree trunks. It's really super!

thanks Sarah, i think they love the flowers :-p il work on their positoning :-)

thanks so much Ros :-) i appreciate your encouragment, thank you :-)

Thank you Bevereley :-) im delighted iv gotten do many comments for this doodle :-) thank you so much for your encouragement :-)

thank you Christine for your encouragement, i appreciate it :-)

thank you James for commenting :-) i draw on anything i can as i draw all the time i get through everything so these cardboard sheets from the milk cartons were perfect, iv also used a homemade gesso on the one il upload leter :-)

thank you James for commenting :-) i draw on anything i can as i draw all the time i get through everything so these cardboard sheets from the milk cartons were perfect, iv also used a homemade gesso on the one il upload later :-)

thanks Robert :-) i like detail work, and i am happy with what i do, as i am sure you are happy with what you do :-) i only do big and bold when doing abstract :-) i do not like oil paint you know that :-) i do use acylic paints but i only like them for watercolour techniques and not thick because of the lack of detail. i will of course let you know if i find a way of selling artwork easily :-) iv researched many sites and will continue to do so :-) thank you for taking the time to comment on my work and for your encouragement :-)

Hi Hayley :-) thanks so much, i am glad you think so :-)

thanks so much Seok :-) im glad you think it eye-catching, i appreciate your encoragemrnt :-)

Hang on Studio Wall

This is a pen sketch using chinese ink with dip pen. The white blossom is acrylic ink. The yellow and blue are gouache. Hope you like it :-) the cardboard is from the pack of 6 milk cartons we get, one cardboard sheet per pack :-)

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