doodle 9

doodle 9

i keep getting this error message though when i try to upload pictures............. Server.MapPath() error 'ASP 0173 : 80004005' Invalid Path Character /@@inc/rss/gallery.asp, line 125 An invalid character was specified in the Path parameter for the MapPath method.  what on earth does that mean? :-p

Merry Christmas Rebecca. I haven't a clue what the above message means but I think that I get it when the server is down or somebody else is trying to upload a painting at the same time as I am. Anyway have a great Christmas and see you here in the new year :) Hope you are going to post some of your "cake" paintings :)

Hi Rebecca. Your doodles are interesting. Just a suggestion - try dropping some watercolours wet into wet, let it dry and then try doodling over the top of the result, (rather than trying to add colour after the event). You may even find some hidden figures, faces, flowers etc.

Hang on Studio Wall

I am having a lot of fun creating these doodles, and yes, they are addictive to do, and i think i may try adding some colour to some later on :-) hope you all like this one :-)

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