The White Admiral

The White Admiral

Not the easiest subject to draw in charcoal. Very charming picture nevertheless. Well done.

I agree, not the easiest, but, the blackest :-p it is my first attempt at a real subject using charcoal, so i am pleased you think it is ok :-) thank you :-)

Hats off to you, Rebecca! It's a good first attempt. I gave up on charcoal pretty quickly because it was such a mess!

Thanks Seok for such a lovely compliment :-) if you try using Nitram Charcoal, you may find it more beneficial for you :-) it is not messy like willow charcoal :-)

I like your new gallery of butterflies Rebecca. I make a terrible mess if I just look at charcoal!!

As Pete says, this is very charming and I think that you have carried it off well :)

thank you for your kind encouragement Sarah, i appreciate it :-) i really like charcoal pictures, and now iv found Nitram Charcoal, i can actually now create charcoal pictures, they just are not very good :-p but there is hardly any mess, and that helps me a lot, i find pastels difficult because of them being so messy and difficult to fix, unless you buy dangerous fixatives that dull your finished art work :-p

Hang on Studio Wall

This is a very bad attempt at capturing the white admiral in charcoal, Nitram obviously :-)

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