Frilly Geese

Frilly Geese

This is lovely, Sarah, simply done but very expressive.

I think it was a great idea Sarah lovely

This made me smile Sarah, it's a lovely. Perhaps they are off to play tennis, their frilly bits remind me of tennis knickers!lol

Thank you Jenny , Dennis and Fiona. Fiona, the same thought crossed my mind too! LOL!

This is delightful, Sarah, and so very lively.

Very lively amazing background

A lively fresh take on a popular subject. Lovely clean work, Sarah.

Posted by C Jones on Sat 21 Nov 18:07:06

Lovely lovely Sarah its simple but beautiful well done Sarah.

They have just had a bath and the feathers are nice and fluffy! Lovely drawing Sarah!

Thank you so much for all your kind comments. It's made my day :)

Just been blow dried. Lovely

Hang on Studio Wall

Pen and watercolour approx 3"x4" . I rather got carried away with their feathers and they look very frilly now. Perhaps they are going out somewhere nice :)

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