Two Fair Ladies On Weybourne Beach

Two Fair Ladies On Weybourne Beach

very clever sky technique, i might try that :-) i like how you have drawn the boat, did you draw it with chinese ink and calligraphy pen first? :-)

Hi Rebecca, I meant to say that I used water on the wash brush and luckily , once that I had painted the water over the sky in diagonal strokes some of the lighter pastel colours blended fairly well. This was a bit of a mish-mash. I used a black edding pen for the outlines and then I had to go over all my lines again at the end to keep them sharp. I also used a white pen too for the boat names and some other work on the boats :) My favourite part of of painting is the pen work. It helps to strengthen any weaknesses in it, and , believe me, I have many weak areas :)

Hello Sarah, I like this, sometimes the best things come from a bit of trial and error and maybe some things we didnt intend..mind you I seem to be quite adept at mud colours currently, by accident I might add. Your picture is full of character

There's something very special about your boats, Sarah and the overall colour of the painting, with that rosy glow, is super.

Thankyou Louise, for the nice comments and the positive attitude. It does give me a lift if I can turn around a picture. If only "mud" was the" in" colour , we would be amazing ! lol! :)

Can I join the 'mud' club, that's one colour I can get spot on!! There are some lovely effects in this painting Sarah; the sky the beach and I love your boats.

Jane thank you for such nice comments. I do like painting boats , I am lucky to have all shapes and sizes on the various beaches close to me. Oh! if only you could see what was underneath that rosy glow. My sky was like dirty dish water :)

Fiona, of course you can join my 'mud' club. I am sure that it will grow out of all proportion very quickly, lol! Seriously though, thankyou for your nice comments. :)

:-p i so not think you have any weak areas in your artwork, mine yes :-p i think the pen work really adds to your paintings and makes the objects you want to stand out, stand out :-) clever use of the wash brush to be a blending brush too it works well :-)

Rebecca :), thanks It was a real uphill battle doing this one. I like the boats and beach but just could not get the sky how I wanted it. Never mind, back to the drawing board :)

well the colours in the sky are lovely and blended, a hue of pink, and greyish blues, and orangey browney yellow, for me is like early/late afternoon evening time :-)

Thanks again Rebecca :)

oooooooow painting with that's a thought :-p

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This is from a photo I took last month. Bockingford 140 lb paper, 10"x7". Watercolour, pastel and pen work. I rubbed in pastel to brighten up a horrid mud coloured sky and then I rubbed most off again and used a large wash brush to smooth out what was left of the pastels, leaving light pinks and blues showing through.

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