Flamenco heat

Flamenco heat

So much detail and beauty Rachel, love the heat :)

Lovely painting Rachel you have really put some work into that material its fabulous well done.

Thank you so much Maria and Dennis. The dress was the easy bit Dennis it was the face that gave the most work, not my strong point!!

Wow Rachel, all those frills, bet that kept you busy! Great painting.

Thank you Dennis and Carole, I did the frills all in one go Carole, I didn't want to stop and then they would look different to the ones I had already done!

I see what you mean Rachel, difficult to get the same mood and colour after leaving it a while!

One of my favourite subjects, and you've captured it so well. The dress is wonderful, and the sense of movement is very good, well done.

I was all frilled out by the end Carole lol. Thank you so much for your encouraging comments Andre, it's a great subject to paint I don't think I've got it out of my system yet!!

You've created a beautiful effect on the frills of the dress Rachel, which adds to the life of the painting.

A thrilling piece of work!

Smashing subject on the correct size, with superb work on the frock, just those left shoulder tones and shapes??????

Hang on Studio Wall

Acrylics on canvas, 24 x 36 inches

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I used to draw and paint constantly when I was a child and up to my late teens. When my children were small I found I had less opportunity but now they are a little older I am re discovering my enjoyment it. My children are enjoying sharing that process with me and even sitting down to paint along…

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