St Kilda

St Kilda

I've not been there Val so I don't know if you've done it justice. However, the tones and colours in the rocks are very good and it really stands out majestically against the sky.

Well you've done it 'Justice' for me Val! One of those magical places where we all long to visit but sadly never do,[ or should that be can't?] a magical place for sure and thank you for sharing! I love the wildness of the Scottish Isles and you've captured it so well.

Thank you very much Pat and Debs for your encouraging comments. I refrained from relegating this to the bin and it is slowly growing on me though I can see lots wrong with it.

This one really stands out in the gallery Val, lovely work on the rock and the sky is gorgeous.

Justice is done! :) , I love it! From the pastel washes in the sky down to the craggy, colourful, textured rocks and then down to the sparkling sea. Wonderful work Val!

A glorious painting Val, the sky, the lovely textures and colours in the craggy cliff face and that beautiful deep blue sea. I can hear the gulls calling and the waves crashing!

Beautiful work, Val! Love the changing hues of the rocks and the lovely luminous washes.

Hi Val, apologies for my late comment, haven't been on the gallery very much lately but when I saw this I just had to log in. I've never been there (would love to) and I think you have certainly done it justice. Love how you have captured the craggy-ness of the rock and the seamless meeting of the rock and sea. Lovely washes and movement in the looks deep. Love it!

Such beautiful washes on the rocks Val. Watercolour is just fabulous when used like this.

Sorry, a bit late but thank you so much for your lovely comments Carole, Sarah, Christine, Seok, Fiona and Sharon.

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This is one of the stacs which form the St Kilda archipeligo, the "Islands on the edge of the world". A world heritage site, my husband and my daughter have both had the privilege to visit these islands and came back with plenty of photos for me. Unfortunately, due to arthritis, I was not able to make the journey as the landing is quite difficult. The inhabitants used to climb these stacs to catch the seabirds for food. The last 36 inhabitants left St Kilda in 1930 as life had become just too hard. I don't feel I've done this island justice but I thought I'd post it and see what you all think, I can always have another go at it :) Thanks for looking.

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