brian collins

brian collins

This is just my cup of tea. I love this subject/composition/textures/light; that bright light of the mediteranean. The pipes are just so typical.

Lovely, lovely painting Brian! That tablecloth is wonderful and everything there is so appealing. I love it!

Yes, it's got something Brian. The light especially and the palette - well, everything Gudrun has said. I love paintings with a narrative like this. I can't stop looking at it!

If this is plein aire, and it has that feel, it's not bad! But I think that the ugly brown rectangle left, really spoils the whole image. It draws one's eye away fro the most important part and kills the atmosphere of emptiness. I'd dump it and the blue slash marks beneath. Keep your vision simple

Very elegant painting. Love everything about it.

I love the solidity of the table and bottle and also that tactile quality. Love is as a subject as well.

Slightly agree with Roger K but would not remove the brown square so much as to step it right back and give it the more yellow ochre shade that is elsewhere in the painting - or even a soft blue-grey, dirty it up a bit etc. Something that doesnt spoil the shutters above. It is rather typical of such places and, if it was removed altogether would affect the rest of the painting and the imagined story it projects would become somewhat starker. Lovely eye-catching painting. More please!

Lovely composition, Brian. So well-observed and cleverly painted.

Empty chairs; empty tables, but nothing 'Les Miserables' about this original still life.

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