The Serpentine Thought

The Serpentine Thought

You nailed that thought really well John. Those vivid colours are mesmerising, I better not look at it for too long!

Posted on Sat 03 Feb 08:01:33

Like this John, it's different, and different is good. It has the feel of some old fresco found in a mysterious ruin. There you go, you're setting off my imagination...that's what I look for in paintings.

Thanks Ibolya, Yes mesmerises us in the guise of something good.

Thanks Lewis, I coloured up from a small pencil line sketch. It’s alive today as it was then in your old fresco.

Thanks but Just take care if you think that is so Dennis.

Thank you Margaret, but can you preserve no more??

Lovely colours in this John, it really has to be seen on computer screen to get the full benefits of the painting.

Wonderful colours and a very original idea, a lot to think about!

Thank you Sandra. At last someone has acknowledged its, “something to think about rather that something to look at.”

Amazing colours, John.

Hmm, interesting John, a serpent in a figure of eight. Could turn so quickly into another shape or number with different meanings. Great depth.

Hang on Studio Wall

Oil pastel and Indian ink. Size A5. It’s attraction is always full of colours, but in the end its self destructive.

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