The Garden of Eden

The Garden of Eden

Amazing - such imagination.

What a great image John, such imagination! The top blue heads have a 'Lalique' glass look about them.

That's how it works John lovely

It's almost miraculous John.

Agree with Carole, John about the top blue heads. (Think they'd make a great image on their own!)

Great image and lovely colours, John.

How clever, I had to turn my laptop upside down to view the bottom, which could be the top or there again could be the bottom. Whichever way you look at it it's super John.

Thank you Linda, Carole, Dennis, Michael, Jenny, Ellen, and Margaret. Yes Margaret it work just as well which ever way up it is. Thank you all your comments are very much appreciated.

A fantastic imaginative piece John. Wonderful!

Thank you Mary, your comment is appreciated.

what an imaginative piece lovely design also John

Hang on Studio Wall

Taken from my imaginative sketchbook. I did not set out to do this. It is just what I saw after applying watercolour. Could not see nothing for a while then it all came together. Finished of with ink.

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