Pastel Painting Fixed Like Concrete.

Pastel Painting Fixed Like Concrete.

Very cool and peaceful atmosphere, and the dappled light is charming too.

Posted by T T on Thu 04 Aug 15:31:02

Your hard work paid off John, it is a beautiful woodland scene. Never heard of this technique you will have to patent it :)

New technique to me also but it has certainly worked here.

Beautiful composition John and I do love the interplay between light and shadow. It's a stunning piece worth all the hard work you put into it.

Thank you Tania. Well it demonstrates that pastel can be truly FIXED Carole. Thank you.

It's awesome John. And thanks for the describing the process. This is another way I can tell the professional from myself - I use hairspray to seal pastel. Me cheapskate.

Thank you Stephen and Martin. Your comments are appreciated.

Thank you Michael, yes I tried hair spray. Found it darkened the work. Which you do not want after all your effort at getting the colours as you want them seen. Does it fix, not that much.

It's absolutely beautiful John, it looks almost magical.

You could be on to something there John. A beautifully executed painting, the dappled shade gives the impression of a warm late summers afternoon.

Another enchanting spot of yours, John. The pastel is wonderful, light and shadows are superb, and I'm amazed with your ingenious and laborious technique. Great work john.

Thank you Fiona and Margaret your comments are appreciated.

Thank you Cesare, more laborious than ingenious. Lol.

pastel is your forte young John technically brilliant lovely impasto work, beautiful colours. platinum star for this one assuming it comes after gold

Wow! I secretly aspire to be a pastel painter like you John (not such a secret now). Alas, I will never get anywhere near your expertise! What is a blow brush and what do you mean by acrylic medium - do you mean varnish? The result is fantastic.

Thank you David, Pastel taught me so much. Platinum star! Star~man I will keep that in my pocket. Shame we do not see more of your work David, but then again its worth waiting for.

Thank you Adele, its called a spray defuser. Acrylic medium. That is what it is called but do not use a gloss medium. I suppose you could use a spray bottle for the medium but I think it would clog up. Hope that helps.

Thanks for the brilliant tutorial and the brilliant picture.

Hang on Studio Wall

This large pastel size 24x18 inches hangs on my wall without glass. It's a pastel painting but set like concrete. I first primed the panel using acrylic and a good measure of marble dust. Marble dust is like magic for griping and holding pastel in place.Then after plotting out the composition put in a rough under painting with acrylic colours. Then I started working with the pastels. After I had placed a layer on I then using a blow brush sealed the pastel with a diluted application of acrylic medium. After each application of pastel the pastel was sealed again with medium. This gives a beautiful build up of soft pastel. It's a bit labour intensive but worth all the BLOWING. As you know acrylic dries very quickly so there is no time lost waiting for things to dry. Although I did us a hair drier to keep the work flow going. You can see on the painting the beautiful peeks of pastel. It's set solid, no smudging, no lose of colour, no bits have ever come off. FIXED.

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